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What's Shaking?

The Rikian Exerciser™ is shaking, that’s what!

The Rikian Exerciser™ is shaking up the way people think about exercise. Years ago people thought tobacco was good for you, and tomatoes were poison. We now know it is exactly the opposite.

Today, intense physical exercise is promoted as part of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, such activity rips and tears your muscles filling them with scar tissue that reduces flexibility and range of motion. Intense activity releases cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, into your blood stream. This causes you to become locked into a “fight or flight” mode and decreases your body’s ability to relax. Relaxation is a natural part of the healing process.

Who would have ever thought that by simply moving a muscle in a very specific rhythmic motion that muscle will react as though it had undergone strenuous exercise? And it will do so without the rips, tears and cortisol that traditional exercise will produce. This is exactly what Dr. Nazarov discovered way back in 1970. Ian Reinbott and Dr. Kauffmann used this concept when they conceived of the Rikian Exerciser™.

Although many people come to the Life-Wave Living Center

for the restorative powers of the Rikian Exerciser™, the greatest benefit may be to those who really haven’t got "a lot of shaking going on.”

As kids we were all told that our hearts pump blood through our bodies. Yes, our hearts do pump blood, but only through the major arteries. The vast majority of your blood is pushed through your body by the movement of your muscles. If you won’t or can’t “get a move on” then your heart has to work really hard and your blood pressure goes sky high! Toxins build up, you lose flexibility and your range of motion decreases.

Get Movin' on the Rikian Exerciser™!

When you lie down on the Rikian Exerciser™ there are 24 contact pins that push up and compress your muscles. These pins move slightly to extend your muscles and then release them. This process is repeated about 17 times per second or almost 1,000 times in a minute. Your muscles are flexed over 10,000 times in one ten-minute session in a comfortable and soothing motion.

If you have ever picked up a very heavy object, you may have noticed that your muscles began to shake. This is called an “activity tremor” and when this happens your body pumps more nutrients and oxygen into those muscles.

The Rikian Exerciser™ produces the same effect by the compression, extension and release cycle at a rate very close to your body’s natural “activity tremor.” In doing so, you effectively exercise without the effort. You get the benefits of exercise without stress, no painful lactic acid build-up and without releasing cortisol into your system. You get the best of both worlds – exercise and rest – at the same time!

So, what is shaking in your life? If your answer is “not much” then come on over to the Life-Wave Living Center for a ride on the Rikian Exerciser™. We’ll help you get things moving!

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