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Flu Season

Seasonal flu can start as early as October while other strains of flu, like avian and swine, can happen at any time of the year. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that as many as 49,000 people die from the flu each year! Many people who survive the flu find their immune system impaired for months and may succumb to other illness.

Certainly, the flu is a very serious matter. This is why the CDC recommends that almost everyone get a flu shot each year. This year the CDC plans to vaccinate over 179 million people. But what about those who are concerned about negative side effects and don’t want to take the flu vaccine? What can we do to avoid the flu, and how can we fight it off once we’ve been exposed?

According to Ian Reinbott, founder of LifeWave Living Center, a Certified Minister and Practitioner of the Sahaptan Healing Way Native American Church of The Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization and a 45-year proponent of holistic healing and rejuvenation, the best way to avoid the flu is to bring your body into balance and awaken the flow of your life force. This means improving how easily your blood, energy, nutrition, your lymphatic system, and even your breathing circulates through your body.

To improve the flow of your blood, energy, and lymphatic system, Ian recommends rhythmic biomechanical muscle stimulation (BMS) or the “Rikian Effect.” The Rikian Exerciser™ can help relax your body, eliminate toxins, open your lymphatic system, and stimulate your muscles. After only a 10 minute Rikian work-out, your body will go into a relaxed state bringing balance, and rejuvenation. A healthy and balanced immune system will help protect you against all kinds of threats including the flu.

Another line of defense is to open breathing and nasal passages by

using breathing techniques and “Vapor Breeze” an essential oil formulation. Just one puff of “Vapor Breeze” opens your nasal passages and allows air to flow into your lungs, which can help to relax and soothe even a scratchy throat. “Composition Powder” and “Life Drops” can also be used to stimulate circulation, and help increase the flow rate of your body systems.

In short, by increasing flow of your bodily systems, your immune system is better able to work to help protect you from the flu and other threats. Many people who have used Ian’s four step process report immediate and almost miraculous results. So don’t wait, come to the Life-Wave Living Center and kick start your defense system now!

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