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Whole Body Vibration and Bio-mechanical Muscle Stimulation

Whole body muscle vibration

The fitness industry has had its share of trends and fads, most come and go rather quickly. However, Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation (BMS), although not widely known here in the United States, has been around for decades. The historical roots of BMS go way back to the 19th century when American scientists noticed that the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients seemed to diminsh when riding trains. Yes, BMS has had a long, successful history. Over the years many improvements have been made that increase the effectiveness of the BMS technique and the devices used.

In the 1970s Dr. Vladimir Nazarov perfected the BMS techniques working with Soviet athletes. BMS was proven to strenghten the entire body in about ten percent of the time it would take for conventional training to produce the same results. Plus the simple exercises are suitable for almost all ages from young to old and they don’t require strenuous effort.

More and more studies show the benefits of BMS training not only for professional athletes but also for general fitness. Studies linked to performance athletes demonstrate positive impact in the form of explosive strength, power and flexibility. General fitness successes have been documented in the areas of mobility, pain relief, muscle relaxation, balance and circulation.

BMS training can therefore lead to significant improvement in many areas. It provides beauty from the inside out with the power of gentle muscle training!

However, BMS is very different from the whole body vibration training generally available today. BMS produces a continuous, alternating compression and stretching of muscle tissue, in the same way as it happens naturally within the human body. This is achieved through purely mechanical means, without subjecting the body to chemicals, heat, magnets or electrical current.

Whole body vibration training that involves standing on a platform, or lifting weights while being shaken is tantamount to causing negligent damage to the joints. Under such improper stressing of the joints the cartilage becomes fully "squeezed out" providing optimum conditions for arthritis to develop. In general, whole body vibration training should be completely avoided.

The best way to determine if the mechanism in question uses the Nazarov method is to attach a laser pointer to the vibrating platform with the laser pointing to a wall approximately three feet away. If the laser describes a vertical or horizontal line pattern, it is most likely not a BMS device. A laser attached to a Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation device will make an elliptical circle.

BMS training has been shown to be effective against fighting cellulite, flab, and sagging muscles. Some other benefits are more rapid metabolism, better blood circulation and muscle toning.

Currently, BMS is only available through the Rikian Exerciser and we now have five of these amazing exercise machines at the Life-Wave Living Center, here in Franklin, TN. So come in and get your BMS workout today!

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