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Video testimonials submitted about
"The Body Activator"

What people are saying about "The Body Activator NewLife Center


"I love the motion of The Body Activator and I am always amazed at how peaceful the "waves" are. I can empty my mind and just relax." - D. Harris


"Before experiencing the neuro-muscular stimulation of the Revitalizer I had pains in my hip and down my leg. Since using the table, my pain has subsided, my cholesterol has improved, I've reduced my weight a little. All this has been accomplished with proper nutrition, proper breathing and allowing the machine to do all the work!" - R. Bailey


"I love the New Life Center! I'm amazed and so blessed to be able to come every week. It is the best way to get rid of stress!"

- M. Harvey


"Total relief from shoulder pain that I had for months. The Lifewave Activator makes you feel sooo relaxed; I want to take a nap when finished." - M. Tidwell


"I often get a terrible headache when I fly or drive long distances, right in the back of my head and neck area.  Ten minutes on the Activator and the pain is gone! It works great!" - G. Aydelott


"I was sore from two tennis matches the day before. But, wow! Deep relaxation, no pains, my sinuses popped open, my blood is circulating - wonderful!" - M. Geno


"I've had pain and lack of motion in my left shoulder for over 50 years. After first visit to Life-Wave Center I have full range of motion and no pain in my shoulder." - M. Gallagher


"My tension and back pains were obliterated in one treatment! I felt whole again and rejuvenated. Praise God!" - J. Bryant


"Peace!  Release of stress! Pain in my leg is relieved and I feel new life all over my entire body!" - A. Freeman


"I love to catch the "wave" every Monday and Friday.  What better way to begin and finish each week!" - R. Harvey


"It was very relaxing! Helped calm down some of the pain in my body. I felt at ease. It was nice!" - J. Morrow


"Using the Lifewave Activator has firmed up my stomach muscles and drastically reduced the cellulite on my hips!  I use it about three times each week when I can. I think "The Body Activator "is fantastic!" - M. Yadro


"I felt a lot of releasing today in general on my body. Very soothing and gentle.  I feel like a very different person since I've been coming here." - S. Roberts


"This is better than an hour massage!" - J. Martin  


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