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  • Kelly Northrup

Life in the Jungle

When you think of the word ‘jungle,’ what comes to mind? A sweeping canopy of trees with vines hanging from every single one of their branches, full of birds and other wildlife? A paradise where you could spend hours exploring and not know exactly what you’ll find? Or, do you think of a place so packed with creatures that you may not know which are friendly and which are unfriendly? Do you see a dark environment where you could be lost for hours without a hope of getting home?

While both views are valid, one is arguably much darker than the other, and maybe a little less true. Life in many respects can be, and is often, viewed as a jungle. A place full of different creatures (friends, family, people in general), large amounts of precipitation (money problems, work problems, and otherwise), with trees and valleys and all kinds of things that can snare you or get in your way. All of these factors, individually and when added together, can cause a lot of stress on you and your body.

A little bit of stress is not always a bad thing. The ‘fight or flight’ response that is triggered by external stressors can be a positive part of being human. So, for example, if a tiger comes out of the trees in the jungle, you want your body to respond with, “Run away!” or “Stand and fight!” In our present day just breathing the air, which is full of toxins is keeping our bodies on “The Alert”, it may seem like you don’t know which way to turn for relief from your dis-comfort. All the birds around you chirp, “Look this way!” or “Do this thing!” You may find yourself in a constant state of fight or flight and not know what to do.

Stress of one kind or another causes tension in your body. There will be more tension one side of your body with lack on tone on the other side. This causes an imbalance in the muscles in your body. Your dominant side becomes more powerful, while your other side becomes weaker. This applies to not just your muscles, but to your organs and circulatory system as well. It will eventually cause discomfort of one kind or another. You will begin seeking answers to your discomforts. In the jungle of life you will get all kinds of answers from many well meaning jungle dwellers who are trying to find their way out of the discomforts they are experiencing in life. You are still in the jungle of discomfort, with so many other people, caused by stress. To get out of the jungle of Dis-Comfort or as some people say Dis-Ease you will need direction and a compass. You have to get out of “The Jungle” or you will listen to a chirp from one person and follow it until you realize it just keep you in the jungle. Then you will hear a different chirp form another person, who is still in the jungle. You will hear all kinds of advice. Everyone will still chirp at you, “Do this cleanse!” or “Take these supplements!” or “Join my gym!” Do Hot Yoga! Etc., Etc. So Many people are in “The Jungle” loving the adrenaline endorphin release that excitement and many forms of exercise give. If you follow these chirps you may feel temporary benefits but your tension will return, not only in your body, but your checkbook will begin to feel it also. You will follow that idea or another until you realize that you have to find ways to neutralize and manage the stress response that is so active in your body.

At Lifewave Living Center in Franklin, Tennessee, we propose a better way. Our Rikian Rejuvenators can help you De-Stress with a passive form of exercise and come to a place of relaxation while helping improve circulation with only a few sessions a week. Over time and with continued use, you may see an improvement in flexibility and general well being. If we can continue the metaphor to the end, Lifewave Living Center is like an unexpected clean water spring in the middle of the jungle. We want to help you De-Stress begin to rejuvenate and feel better, starting today.

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