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What's So Great About the Great Barrier Reef?

Ian Reinbott, founder of Lifewave Living Center and cocreator of the Rikian Rejuvenator, spent twenty years of his life fishing off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. If you ask him about it now, he’ll tell you about white sand beaches and clear blue oceans where you can see straight to the bottom like something out of a dream.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia spans approximately 133,00 square miles of ocean floor. It is home to innumerable species of fish, coral, plants, and all kinds of wildlife. It has been a major draw for people all over the world for over a hundred years. Scientists have tried to plumb its depth, while casual tourists have spent days swimming above its surface. It’s a beautiful marvel of the world and an important part of Earth’s overall ecosystem.

The reef exists as an ecosystem that was once perfectly in balance. Over the years, the flow of tides

have risen and fallen causing it to grow some years and shrink during others. All of that growth

and decay is part of the normal circle of life and had only added to the vibrancy of the reef. Recently, in the last fifty years or so, overfishing, toxic waste in the water, and changing water temperatures have affected the health and life of the reef causing some areas of the coral to bleach and some its native species to become endangered. While experts warn that all of these behaviors could be detrimental to the Great Barrier Reef as a whole, one has to wonder: would the reef be somehow able to heal itself?

In all natural systems, we can see a propensity towards healing, towards homeostasis. Our bodies are not unlike the Great Barrier Reef. They are ecosystems that are constantly under threat by external stressors, such as Chemicals in the environment and in the foods we eat causing a toxic waste. Over time, the continued build up of these factors can cause our cells to become constipated unable to eliminate the toxic waste of cellular function and affecting the absorption of nutrients into the cells throughout the body. The flow of life is being obstructed to one degree or another. Various muscle groups loose their flexibility and tighten and increase feelings of discomfort and loss of well-being.

In theory, your body is equipped with all the systems it needs to deal with all these stressors. These stressors never leave. The body senses a threat to its survival all systems go on the alert Cortisol and Adrenal are released into the system upsetting Homeostasis of the whole physiology of the body and creating a biomechanical imbalance within the whole structure of bones and muscles. Your body was created with a self rejuvenating potential when all systems are in harmony.

Over time, though, if stress outstrips your body’s ability to respond, then it becomes overworked and cannot respond as it was created to. Meaning, if you are always in a state of stressed out high alert, you are always ready to respond and never have time to rest and rejuvenate. That’s where the Rikian Rejuvenator comes in. In response to the specific rhythmic motion of the mechanism of The Rikian Rejuvenator muscles fibers begin to develop better flexibility. When muscles are more flexible circulation is enhanced allowing waste buildup and toxins to be moved out of your body more efficiently. With the Rikian Rejuvenator, there’s no need for costly gym memberships or exercise machines, because the Rejuvenator does the work for you. After just twenty minutes on the Rikian you will feel “The Rikian Effect” you’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, like all ecosystems on this planet, we have the ability to be rejuvenated and restored. Come out to the Lifewave Living Center in Franklin, Tennessee to see how we can help you begin your journey towards feeling better today.

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