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Stretched to the Limit

In the world of exercise and health, stretching has long been considered a cure-all for aches and pains, and an overall staple of fitness.

You are supposed to stretch before workouts and after workouts, when you first wake up in the morning, and even at your desk at work.

Stretching is heralded with several long-lasting fitness and health benefits, like muscle elongation and increased flexibility. Some of these claims are true - consistent stretching can temporarily improve flexibility. However, the claim that consistent stretching elongates your muscles is simply false.

At Life-Wave Living Center, we submit that there might be an easier alternative to stretching with more beneficial long-term effects.

Have you ever noticed that even if you stretch consistently, some of your flexibility is immediately lost if you take just a few days off? Your muscles, when examined closely, look like a tight network of strings. As the muscle cells in your body metabolize nutrients, they take on waste materials from the cells.

Over time, these micro-deposits of waste material build up, causing the muscles to have less internal range of motion.

Stretching helps to break up these micro-deposits. This allows your muscles to pull farther from your joints, and improves flexibility. Unfortunately, simple stretching will not remove all of the micro-deposits surrounding your muscle tissue. So unless stretching remains a highly consistent part of your exercise regime, the effect is only temporary.

The Rikian Exerciser™ can provide a 10-15% increase in lasting flexibility with each session or use.

If that sounds too good to be true, let us explain how it works. The sustained rhythmic muscular stimulation of the Rikian Exerciser causes the micro-deposits of waste material to break away from your muscles entirely. What would take several hours of stretching happens in a matter of minutes.

After several sessions, the micro-deposits can be almost entirely removed, leading to an increase in overall flexibility. The effects of the session will be long-lasting, as it will take weeks for your muscles to metabolize enough nutrients to create more micro-deposits.

You can take months off from your yoga routine without a second thought!

Think about the money you spend on your gym membership, your yoga studio membership, your foam rollers… they add up, don’t they? All of those incurred costs are going towards your health, yes. But at Life-Wave Living Center, we offer you an alternative that is more effective and takes much less time.

Come visit our center in Franklin, Tennessee and see how you can start feeling better today.

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