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Do You Want to Feel Better?

Other than to connect people with their Creator, the goal of the Life-Wave Living Center is to help people feel better. Here at the Life-Wave Living Center we want to help people, including you, feel better physically, mentally and spiritually. But the real question is whether or not you really want to feel better.

People typically put money, time and effort into the things in life they desire. This makes it pretty easy to determine what is really important to a person. If something is important to someone they invest their money and time in it, and they will work hard to accomplish their objective. This “thing” becomes a priority in their life. Rarely would you ever hear them say, “I don’t have time to ……,” or “I just don’t have enough money to ….” in regards to this subject. Instead, somehow a person will find the time, and the money they need.

Isn’t it odd that people can always seem to find time and money to do the things they really want to do, and yet for some reason there is never enough time or money to do the things they don’t want to do?

Statistics show that 31% of the people in the US are at least 30

pounds overweight. I’d venture that many of those people would say that they would really like to lose weight. However, the evidence shows a much different picture. Although millions of dollars are spent on weight loss programs – showing that people will invest their money to lose weight -- people fail to invest the necessary time and effort. A good diet and exercise are required to lose weight and people don’t seem to have the time or energy to eat well and exercise.

The fact is that people will do just about what they want to do. If they don’t want to do it, they will find a reason or excuse not to and go on with what they wanted to do in the first place.

Most everyone who comes to the Life-Wave Living Center is recommended by a friend. Perhaps they complained about lack of energy, back pains, headaches, not being able to relax, or any of a multitude of symptoms or annoyances. The friend hears this and says that they can find a solution at the Life-Wave Living Center. Almost 100% of our first visits are the result of a friend making a recommendation.

After working at the Life-Wave Living Center almost daily going on a year now, I can safely say that I have yet to see anyone who didn’t benefit in some way or find some relief at the center. This is based on their statements, not my opinion. They tell me that they feel more relaxed, their pains go away, they feel refreshed and they simply feel better after a session. These people readily say that they feel better – which is the goal of the Life-Wave Living Center.

Even though 100% of the people actually feel better after a session at the Life-Wave Living Center, not everyone comes back for more. It makes me wonder why this is so.

Why would someone state that they want to feel better, then find a way to feel better, but once they find it, they don’t take advantage of the solution? The only answer seems to be that they really don’t want to feel better in the first place. Crazy as this may sound, I simply can’t seem to find any other explanation. Services at the Life-Wave Living Center are based on donation only, so money shouldn’t be the challenge. It only takes ten minutes to get a good workout, so time isn't a problem.

Perhaps people today like to wear their ailments and diseases like a Boy Scout wears merit badges. I imagine a conversation like: “Oh, look at this one, this is for “Back Surgery”, and this, well, this is “Neck Pain”, I just got it last year! This one here is for “High Blood Pressure”, I'm working on my "Osteoporosis" badge next! What badges do you have?” For that reason people may be reluctant to avail themselves of the cure for fear they will lose their badge and bragging rights. At least they have something to complain about.

Whatever the reason that other people have for wanting to continue to feel bad and endure their pains, the great news is that it doesn’t have to be you.

Now that you know about the Life-Wave Living Center you know there is a place that really will make you feel better and not wreck your pocketbook in the process. A place where you can feel safe, welcomed for who you are with an intense desire to help you feel better and be better!

So come on down to the Life-Wave Living Center, get your session on the Rikian Exerciser and start feeling better today! That is unless you just want to feel bad – in that case, we still love you for who you are and will even listen to the stories about your badges!

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