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What is Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging?

Digital infrared thermal imaging is a totally non-invasive procedure that is pain-free, radiation-free, compression-free and touch-free. It feels no different than having your picture made with your cell phone. Digital infrared thermal imaging uses a special infrared camera with highly accurate heat sensors to detect the temperature of areas on your body. Your body’s temperature is displayed graphically on a screen with white being the hottest and black being cool. Variations are displayed from hot to cool respectively in red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Normally, our body’s temperature would show mostly green on a thermographic image. However, abnormalities, injuries, pains and abnormal pathology will affect the temperature of the surrounding tissue. Differences in color make the temperature of tissue clearly visible on the thermographic images.

Victoria Bailey of Breast Thermography of Middle TN, here in Franklin, TN, was kind enough to use her highly sensitive Meditherm Thermography camera to show how the Rikian Exerciser™ would affect one of our volunteers. Victoria took pictures of our volunteer, a 58 year old male in good physical condition, five times over a 30 day period. During this period our volunteer exercised on the Rikian Exerciser™ for ten minutes per day, five days per week.

Poor lymphatic drainage often causes inflammation of surrounding tissue which raises the body temperature. This is very obvious in the first image as shown by the large red and orange areas. Pain will also raise the temperature and it appears that our volunteer experienced some intense lower back pain as shown by the red and even a tiny white area. Notice how the red and orange areas decrease from left to right as his exercise continued.

You can see that the biomechanical muscle stimulation of the Rikian Exerciser™ was able to drastically reduce the inflammation in our volunteer’s back. The unique compression, extension and release motion of the Rikian Exerciser™ stimulates blood flow into the muscle tissues helping to flush out toxins. The body responds to this motion in the same way your body responds to an intense exercise routine. Oxygen and nutrients are pumped into the muscles and toxins are pumped out.

These results are amazing! Muscle fibers become stronger, scar tissue is stretched increasing your range of motion, the body is put back in balance, relaxation comes much easier and blood circulation is stimulated.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but experience is truly the best teacher. Come to the Life-Wave Living Center and experience the Rikian Exerciser for yourself! Schedule an appointment here.

Did you know that you can get as much radiation from one mammogram as you would from 1,000 chest X-rays? Digital infrared thermal imaging measures heat naturally emitted from your body. Digital infrared thermal imaging involves no-radiation, no compression, no pain and can be an alternative to traditional mammograms. Call Victoria Bailey today at 615-934-3121 or visit her website at:

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