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The Lifewave Activator

The Lifewave Activator's patented design administers finely tuned rhythmic rotational muscle stimulation.  Using the highest quality material, it is constructed of three basic components; the cushion, the frame, and the mechanism.


Let’s lift off the cushion and look inside. Here we have the mechanism.  Notice that no part of the mechanism touches the frame. 


The mechanism is geared to provide a very specific pattern of movement which stimulates the muscles approximately 17 times each second. 


 There are 24 touch points that move  slightly less than a quarter of an inch each cycle.  Using the circle in the background as a reference point, you can clearly see the rotational pattern the Rikian Exerciser produces.


This pattern compresses, extends, and releases the muscle fibers, causing the body to react as if the muscle has been flexed. With the cushion back in place, you can see the 24 pins come up almost level with the  top of the cushion.


Tops of various lengths fit over each pin.   This allows the user to adjust workout intensity and allows the pins to conform to curvature of the spine. Durable cloth coverings help to eliminate friction against the body. 


A timing mechanism is used to automatically shut off the exerciser after the specified time period. It also tracks the total minutes used.

A typical set up for a person approximately 6 feet tall is displayed in the video. 

Although the pins may look rather imposing, they are actually quite comfortable, and the experience is extremely relaxing. 


A typical session usually lasts 10 minutes for each targeted muscle group.  Advanced users may also perform stretching exercises to enhance the effectiveness.


The tops can quickly and easily be adjusted to accommodate users of any height. Special pins for the legs are included, and there is a three position back rest that can be set for maximum  comfort.


The set up shown would handle a person with longer legs while the next set up would target the lower back. Also displayed is the Rikian answer to using a tennis ball to relax tight back muscles along with a set up that can be used for either the back or the legs.


Let’s take a look at how the legs respond to the Rikian Exerciser.


By using slow motion video you can see the rotational pattern produced by the Rikian Exerciser. Targeting the hips can even help reduce cellulite. You  can also target the stomach and diaphragm.


Versatile, easy to use, adjustable and effective,  the Rikian Exerciser is simply the world’s healthiest form of exercise.


Please call 615-838-2345 to arrange a demonstration today.

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