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Ian Reinbott
Founder of "The Body Activator New Life Center

Ian Reinbott Founder of "The Body Activator"

Born in Kingaroy, Australia, Ian Reinbott started his career as a peanut farmer. While moving some of the heavy irrigation pipes he tweaked his back and sought relief from various medical practitioners in the area.   


One chiropractor provided amazing results and Ian asked if this chiropractor would take Ian as an apprentice, a common practice at that time in Queensland so began Ian's 50 year quest. Luckily, he agreed, under the stipulation that Ian also become an herbalist. So began Ian's 45 year quest to find the most effective way to help people stay healthy. Ian received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1980 and then studied Applied Kinesiology where he learned more about muscles.


He continually changed and improved his treatment techniques.  From 1984 until 1990 Ian was the president of the National Herbalist Association of Australia and in 2007 was awarded a lifetime membership due to his many contributions. 


In 1993 while at a conference in Hawaii Ian discovered a new technique called "Alpha-Biotics." Ian felt this technique was so powerful that he wanted to find the source.  His research led him to Dallas, TX and then to Mexico.  After staying in Mexico for several weeks, Ian returned to his practice in Australia and completely changed his techniques.  Within only six months his practice grew to well over 220 patients per week! The new technique included an exercise routine and Ian began a search to find exercise machines that would provide the best results.


As word spread, the research center soon developed a large following from people who enjoyed the relaxing and flexibility recovering benefits of the "Lifewave machine".  Continuing with his quest for improvement and gaining new knowledge,  Ian became a minister of the Church of Hope. 


 Today, Ian continues his research at "The Body Activator New Life Center" where he has now developed a third generation "The Body Activator" being manufactured in the USA


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