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What does "The Body Activator" do?

It exercises your body!!! "The Body Activator" technology, developed from a break through scientific discovery, uses a very specific vertical eccentric rotational motion that stimulates your muscles at a frequency very close to the rate that cells normally vibrate. When you put your muscles under great stress, you may have noticed what is called an "Activity Tremor." The Body Activator uses this same frequency to stimulate your muscle fibers. As your muscles are exercised with this specific motion and frequency, your muscles will react as though they have had an intense workout. A  session provides you many of the benefits of a low-impact exercise without physical exertion on your part. However, you will feel more relaxed, flexible, and energized.

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Will it relieve back pain?

"The Body Activator" is a muscle exerciser, not a medical device. It is generally accepted that exercise can be helpful in relieving certain types of pain. Some people suffering from back pain reported remarkable recovery after only a few sessions on "The Body Activator".   No two people are alike, and there are many causes of pain, so individual results may vary. As always, you should consult a physician when experiencing pain.


Is there an age minimum for using "The Body Activator"?

People of all ages have reported good benefits from using our center. Even very young children can be held in the arms of an adult while the adult is on "The Body Activator". It is our experience that young children do best for short periods of time, such as 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the reaction of the child. However, a parent or guardian must accompany those less than 18 years old.


How long does a session last?

A typical session on "The Body Activator" consists of a ten-minute back routine, and then a ten-minute leg routine.  We typically budget 30 minutes allowing them to bask in the tranquility that one experiences at the end of each session. This allows our volunteers to reset "The Body Activator" for the next sessions.


Does "The Body Activator New Life Center take insurance?

Here at the "The Body Activator New Life Cente"r we accept cash, check, credit card or debit card. We do not take insurance.  However, several of our attendees say that they have used funds from their HSA (health savings account). As each plan is different, you should check with your administrator to find out if this will work for you. 




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