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"The Body Activator" technology, developed from a break through scientific discovery,  is the only exercise machine we know of that is designed to develop, and maintain flexibility, and range of motion throughout the entire body.  The specially designed mechanical motion of "The Body Activator" , stimulates your muscles to contract, stretch and relax at an intensity rate similar to normal exercise with no stress on the central nervous system helping to destress the body.  

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Ian Reinbott Founder of "The Body Activator"

Born in Kingaroy, Australia, Ian Reinbott started his career as a peanut farmer. While moving some of the heavy irrigation pipes he tweaked his back and sought relief from various medical practitioners in the area... Read More

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What To Expect


"The Body Activator" stimulates the muscles to improve mobility, function, and overall balance in the body.  The wave motion created by the machine allows energy to flow easily while increasing circulation throughout the entire body. As a result, all other systems of the body ( such as lymphatic, nervous, digestive, etc.) begin to function more efficiently, so the assimilation of foods and nutrients improves and the elimination of wastes is naturally increased... Read More

Exercise Hamstrings

Exercise Your Hamstrings

The Body Activator Muscle Motion 

These videos demonstrate what happens to the muscle tissue throughout the body when "The Body Activator" Cyclic Mechanical motion is applied. The standard setups direct the motion more generally through the Paraspinal muscles, torso and upper body and neck or through the glutes and leg muscles. In these videos, the motion has been directed to a more specific region.


Micro pulsations were first identified and studied in 1943 by Rohrbacher, an Austrian Neuropathologist. These pulsations occur (almost imperceptibly) even when the muscle is at rest, and increase in intensity up to a maximum, synchronized movement in the form of a rhythmic pattern (sine-curve). This is known as “activity tremor”. 


The Body Activator mechanism applies a Cyclic Mechanical Stimulation to the body. The response in muscle fibers is equivalent to a maximum contraction obtained through resistance exercise. This mechanical stimulation causes a pump effect as muscles contract and relax. This appears as a wave motion throughout the body. There is an enhancement to blood and lymph flow which is basic for the detoxification of the body at Cellular level. The Body Activator provides a unique form of exercise that actually allows people to de-stress, helping the Central Nervous System move from an over-stimulated Sympathetic response to a more relaxed Parasympathetic response.

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